Mural representing Patchway and Charlton Hayes past, present and future on the wall at Coniston Cafe in Coniston Community Centre.

You will be amazed as you walk into our Coniston Café, to see a unique and gigantic mural that tells your story.

We warmly welcomed the mayor, who cut the ribbon on Monday 29th April, with members from the Residence Association of Charlton Hayes (REACH). The association’s chairman, Allan Watson, explained the images that runs across the mural, which is fixed on the wall in our café.

While ordering food and drink at Coniston Café, you’ll learn all about your Patchway and Charlton Hayes past, present and future at Coniston Community Centre. It celebrates our aviation pass and our future in transforming the historic Filton Airfield into a lively neighbourhood of green spaces and community facilities. 

Coniston Community Centre will host the mural before it moves onto other community venues in Patchway and Charlton Hayes in the future.

A massive ‘thank you’ to Dennis Richardson for mounting the mural in our café at Coniston Community Centre. And a gigantic ‘Thank you’ to the Resident Association Charlton Hayes REACH for creating this incredible project.

The Mayor cutting the ribbon to unveil the Patchway mural at Coniston Cafe with REACH Association Chairman, Allan Watson.