Free Courses and Workshops at Coniston Community Centre .

From 15.01.2018 Every Monday from 1pm -2pm For 10 weeks . Mindfulness: Practice simple technigques designed to help you live in the moment and to find peach in accepting the world, and yourself as they are.

Wednesday : 17.01.2018 : Happiness Course: 2.30 -3.30pm : An opportunity to learn techniques and ideas which strenthen mental wellbeing and create a more hopeful outlook.Course runs for 4 weeks.

Thursday  : 18.01.2018 : Therapeutic Music Relaxation Session: Come and relax to the sounds of rare acoustic instruments; and discover the therapuetic properties of music. 2 – 3pm

Thursday: 25.01.2018: Tai Chi -Qi Gong: A gentle,beautiful and flowing Qi-Gong exercise-designed to relax and rejuvenate your body and increase your energy.  2 -3pm for 4 weeks

Thursday : 01:02.2018; Yoga: An introductory course to Hatha Yoga, focusing on gentle postures designed to build strength ,and align the body to help energy flow more freely. 7.00 -8.00pm for 8 weeks.

Friday for 6 weeks starting 16.02.2018 : Creative Music Workshop 2.30 -3.30pm . A place for people to come together and create music: with the support of a professional tutor, instruments can be provided, no prior expereience needed.

Complimentary drinks provided after the classes.


Contact Georgina Green on 01454 86 85 70 for more information or e-mail